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PowerPoint Pizzazz

PowerPoint Pizzazz

Tuesday Jan. 26, Wednesday Jan. 27 and Thursday Jan. 28, 2021 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST


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Hi, I’m Stephanie, your PowerPoint Sensei when it comes to producing mind-blowing presentations that appeal to your viewers and keep them wanting more from you.  I have crafted this workshop based on my 20+ years of experience and hundreds of slide decks I’ve done for companies like Kraft/Post, JDRF, PMI and my own Young Rembrandts.  Based on the step-by-step teaching style I learned with Young Rembrandts, I will show you the tools which will increase your skill level so that you just don’t survive, but thrive in your PowerPoint game.

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I have been using PowerPoint for over 20 years, mostly because my jobs required of it of me.

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